Bajaj Almond Drop Non Sticky Hair Oil Review

Bajaj Almond Drop Hair Oil

Bajaj Almond Drop Non Sticky Hair Oil With Vitamin E

 Hi Everyone,

I am back with another review and this time it’s a hair oil that one of my aunt have been using it for long time and she is totally satisfied with the results it gave. My aunt have long hair and she have been using this hair oil for quite a long time may be almost 17-18 years now. I faced severe hair fall 3-4 months before and tried so many hair oils and changed many shampoo. This was one of the hair oil I used in the first month of my hair fall. Read on to know that it helped me in reducing hair fall or not.

Product Claim:-

Bajaj Almond Drop Hair Oil
  •  Nourishes hair roots and Scalp.
  • Keeps Hair Healthy and Long.


INR 55 for 100ml

INR 102 for 200ml


Mineral Oil, Vegetable Oil, Perfume, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E.

My opinion on the product:-

It comes in a transparent  bottle made of glass with a secures cap. You have to be a little careful every time you open the bottle as it might slip from your hand and break easily. The bottle is not travel friendly as the glass bottle is a little heavy and bulky also there is a risk of breaking the bottle. It has small opening from where you can take out and can control the flow of the oil. The oil is light and non greasy and does not feel heavy and sticky on hair. The smell is a little strong but pleasant and I like it a lot.

Bajaj Almond Drop Hair Oil

 When first I bought this product I thought this might help me in reducing my hair fall problem, but I was wrong.  But that doesn’t mean that the oil is completely useless. Sometimes I use this oil only on my hair and not on the scalp an hour before hair wash and get soft and nourished hair after shampoo. If your hair is dry and you are looking for an oil that can nourish your hair then this might be the one . But use it only on hair and not on scalp as it has mineral oil which can cause hair fall. Using it before shampoo on hair gives great result.

Bajaj Almond Drop Hair Oil

 You can use this oil as serum too, sometimes my hair feels dry after shampoo so I take some oil on and rub it between both palm to make it a little warm and then apply on my hair especially on my hair end.  It has Vitamin E which makes my hair look healthy and shiny. I use this oil on my legs and arms too and it easily gets absorbed without feeling greasy.

 Bajaj Almond Drop Hair Oil

What I Liked:-

  • Light and non greasy
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easily available
  • Makes hair look healthy and shiny
  • Have Vitamin E
  • Smooths dry hair

What I didn’t Liked:-

  • Doesn’t help in reducing hair fall.
  • Have fragrance which might be a con for some

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

May be I am not sure I have lot of hair oils to finish first. And I am looking for a hir oil which can reduce hair fall.



Final Word:-

This hair oil works great on dry hair when applied an hour before shampoo. It might not be helpful in reducing hair fall but it nourishes hair and smooths dry hair. I use it on hair and not on scalp which is washed after an hour and it leaves my hair silky and glossy.

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Bajaj Almond Drop Non Sticky Hair Oil Review, 4.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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  1. Its non-greasy oil but after shampoo my hair is oil why like that?but i am not having hair fall from this oil

  2. I love to read this product information firstly i like this oil so much i love to use.i use this oil many years i have silky and long shiny hair.i l really like this oil fragrance thanks for sharing this information with us .well done keep sharing

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