Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil Review

Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

I used to read a health magazine called “Nirogdham” and it that I had come across oil called “Kinshukadi oil”. This oil is like the “Kumkumadi tailam” with a slight variation.


I was in college then and my whole facial skin was badly tanned and looked very different from my neck. I got this oil from Vyas Pharmaceuticals as it looked very promising and started using this every night for few months. lets see how it worked for me.

What’s my Skin type:-

My facial skin is combination type, gets oily around my nose during summers and normal in winters.

What the Product claims:-

Brighten your skin by removing pimples, dark spots and blemishes. Makes your skin beautiful and spotless.(Translated from the lit given on and with pack)

Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

 Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil


It is a combination of saffron,  rakht chandan, Khas, henna, haldi, lac, daru haldi, Kamal kesar, , padmakh, blue lotus, liquorice, Manjistha  ,Ananth mool, goat milk, til oil etc.

 Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

  Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil


12 ml – INR 99

Shelf Life:-

36 mnths fron the mfd.

Directions for use:-

Apply 2-4 drops every day and night on clean face.

My opinion on the product:-

I started using this product when I was in college and my facial skin was very badly tanned. The product comes in a small glass bottle with a rubber cap, a separate nozzle head is also provided with it. I would recommend not using with that nozzle head as it would make the oil leak resulting product wastage and getting another dropper like head for applying.

Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

 Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

The color of the oil is dark in color and stinks a bit, the smell is like saffron and goat milk. I get disappeared in skin fast and leaves sheen.

 Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

  Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

I had used this religiously every night before going to bed for few months. I couldn’t use this during day as I was not comfortable with the idea of putting oil on face and stepping out in the sun.

 Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

 Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

So, I used this and for the first few weeks I didn’t noticed any change and I was little disappointed. I thought that this oil will not work but as it was written on the leaflet given with the product that I need to use it patiently for few months to make the oil work.

 Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

  Vyas Pharma Kinshukadi Oil

The oil had not given me any breakouts or any skin related problem so I decided to follow the instruction on the leaflet(but used only during night). And after few months of usage I noticed some changes in my skin color and texture. My skin had become livelier and toned and my skin texture had improved a lot. I did not made me totally fair but had reduced my dark spots and lightened my skin. My skin was soft and smooth now and the dullness was all gone. After that I stopped using this for sometime and my skin started to look dull and lifeless. I have very sensitive skin and I can’t scrub my skin daily. This oil helps to remove the dead cells and makes the dullness go away also it is a good replacement for an anti age cream.

What I liked:-

  • Works wonders if used patiently.
  • Lighten the skin
  • Brightens the skin
  • Removes dark spots and acne marks
  • Can replace anti aging creams
  • Natural ingredients
  • Affordable

What I didn’t liked:-

Packaging not travel friendly

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

Yes, and have already repurchased for so many times.





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