Lacto Tan Clear Fairness Soap Review

Lacto Tan Clear Fairness Soap

Hi Everyone,

I have used Lacto Tan Clear cream  (review here) and have found it very effective in removing tan. This is another product from same brand Nature’s Essence but in form of soap. This is not a new concept and I have used somewhat like this from godrej and fair & lovely almost more than a decade back.

Product Claim:-

Milk proteins & honey enriched special tan clear soap helps remove the epidermal sun tan, thereby restoring the natural fairness of the skin & also preventing pigmentation due to harmful sun. Its mattifying and moisturizing effect is ideal for all climates and the soap helps enhance facial and body glow.


INR 55




Ingredients list only mentions 3 items  – milk, honey and geranium oil.

Milk  – Lactic acid in milk will help reduce pigmentation, heal dry skin, hydrate skin, heal acne and relieve sunburn.

Honey – Honey is loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients that nourish, cleanse, and hydrate skin. It is said to lighten skin, and its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds help to decrease the appearances of scars and increase healing and tissue regeneration.

Geranium Oil  –  It contains antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties. It can help eliminate the appearance of scars and dark spots by helping improve blood circulation just below the surface of the skin and helping promote an equal distribution of melanin.

Directions for use:-

Apply daily on face and body for a sun tan free skin. 

My opinion on the product:-

We have skin which gets tan or dark when exposed to sun. To get our previous color back most of us depend on fairness creams or bleach. Both of these remedies have harmful chemicals which can be harmful to our skin. This product claims to have natural ingredients which is the safe and effective way to remove tan from our skin.

It is a soap and is very easy to use in compare to the packs which we need to keep for a long time and then wash. I have been using this to remove makeup, oil and dirt from my skin and it really wonderful in making my skin look clean and matte. I usually apply coconut oil and remove it with tissue and then use the soap to wash away the oil, dirt and makeup that can’t be removed by the tissue.  It is a nice alternative to a face wash and I am happy to see how effectively it removes the oil and sebum around my nose.

I would recommend that you make small pieces of this soap and then use it as it is very soft and melts quite easily when comes in contact with water. This would save the soap from the wastage and you can use it for a long time. It lathers very well and spreads easily. I usually apply in light circular motion and then rinse it with cold water. It does not leave any residue and comes off easily. The soap does remove oil and traces of makeup perfectly and leaves a fragrance which is light and nice.

I have been using this for almost a year now and can say that this is a budget alternative to a face wash and its small and compact compared to a tube. But if you have combination or dry skin then I would recommend to use this only in summer and not in winters. It is a soap and using during winter will make your skin drier. It doesn’t work on my tan. It makes my face a little brighter after use but my skin tone doesn’t improve much. Altogether it is just a normal face wash in form of soap which is compact and handy.

What I Liked:-

  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Lathers easily
  • Removes dead skin cells and extra oil from face
  • Controls sebum and prevents pimples
  • Gives matte look
  • Easy to rinse

What I didn’t Liked:-

  • Only three ingredients list.

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

Yes, may be in summers.



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