Ayurvedic Herb – Kulanjan Part 1

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Kulanjan root dried
Kulanjan Root

Happy Navratri to all and today I will share information about a miraculous herb called Kulanjan. This is very famous herb and called by many names. With out any further delay let me just summarize its different names and medicinal property.


  • Latin name- Alpinia galanga wild.
  • Family- Zingiberaceae
  • Hindi name- Kulanjan
  • Sanskrit Name- Malayvacha
  • Bengali name- Barakalinjan
  • Gujarati name- Kolinjan
  • Kannada name- Doddarasa Gadde
  • Malayalam name- Aratta
  • Marathi name- Koshthkulinjan
  • Tamil name- Aruttai
  • Telugu name- Dumpara stramu
  • English name- Java galangal, Greater galangal, Blue ginger, Thai ginger, Siamese ginger
  • Sindh name – Kathi
  • Chinese name – Liyang – chiang
  • Burmese name – Padagoji
  • Deccan name – Barakhulanjan
  • Malay name – Launcher
  • Portuguese – Galanga
  • Persian name – Khurduwari
  • Urdu name – Kuknjan
  • Arabic name – Khalanjan, Khulanjan – e – kabir

Medicinal properties of Kulanjan:-

Here are few medical properties of this magical herb.

  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti- HIV
  • Immunomodulator
  • Anti-Diabetic
  • Anti-diuretic
  • Anti-ulcerative
  • Anti-dementia

Part Used:-

  • Root


Kulanjan Root
Kulanjan Root

Did you hear about Kulanjan or Galangal? In English it is called as Galangal, it is commonly known as Kulanjan in Hindi. It is a member of rhizome family same as ginger and commonly used in Thai cuisine. Tuberous root of kulanjan is used to treat digestive and respiratory ailments. This herb has a lot of culinary and medicinal usage in South- East Asia and hence it can be easily available in this region. Since ages it is most preferably used as a spice to add flavor to the food products. Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are the main regions of its abundance.

Kulanjan Plant
Kulanjan Plant

Traditionally Galangal has been used in every possible forms as paste, powder, infused with oil etc. The Galangal seeds, its oil and other forms are recommended as an herbal medicine for ages. This herb is used as a medicine in the Middle-East and as well as in India because of its high medicinal properties. Because of its flavor and amazing medicinal properties, Europe and various other continents are now importing Galangal due to its high demand . Internationally there are four different types of galangal are available in the markets. These are

  • Alpinia galanga, or greater galangal
  • Alpinia officinarum, or lesser galangal
  • Kaempferia galanga, also called kencur, black galangal or sand ginger
  • Boesenbergia rotunda, also called Chinese ginger or fingerroot
Kulanjan Root
Kulanjan Root

Kulanjan is Alpinia galanga, or greater galangal also called Thai galangal, blue ginger or Thai ginger. It has anti-inflammatory properties and hence is a useful remedy for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Kulanjan is also a good source of ant-oxidants means it assures the removal of toxins which is good for your skin and blood. In addition, it is good for the cure of diarrhea and a rich source of iron, flavanoids, sodium, vitamins A and C and various phytonutrients.

Chemical composition:-

Major constituents of this magical herb is the essential oil, which is obtained from the plant, are methyl cinnamate, cineole and d-pinene. Kulanjan chemical composition consist of three flavonoids- kaempferid (C16H12O6), galangin (C15H10O5), and alpinin (C17H12O6).

Health Benefits of Kulanjan:-

Protect and cures the body from cold

Kulanjan Root Powder
Kulanjan Root Powder

We will recommend the consumption and external application of galangal powder as it effectively reduces coldness due to circulatory failure and hypercspiration. Kulanjan help in sneezing problem just take a cloth and put some kulanjan powder in it make a potli of it and smell.  Furthermore his remedy also cures headache.

Cure for Diarrhea

Galangal has antibacterial properties which can kill the pathogen bacteria and are good for the cure of diarrhea. Make Kulanjan paste made with buttermilk and asafoetida slightly luckwarm will cure children suffering from Diarrhea.

Prevent from tumor and cancer

Galangal contains various antioxidants which help to minimize the damage caused by free radicals and other toxins. Studies have shown that galangal extract contains important anti-cancer properties. Hence it is an effective medicine for the people who are suffering breast and lung cancer. Take an extract of kulanjan or decoction of the rhizome of Alpinia galangal.

Prevent inflammatory and Arthritis

Studies have shown that Galangal contains gingerols which are anti-inflammatory substances. These gingerols can be beneficial if you are dealing with the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. A pack of dried ginger powder, kulanjan and castor oil if applied on joints will give relive from joint pain, arthritis.

(to be continued in the next post,,,,,,,,,,)

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