EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash Review

EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

Hi Everyone,

I have used some face washes from the brand EverYuth Naturals and today going to review a facewash from the same brand called fairness face wash. The main reason behind buying this product is to make my skin tone light as it got little tanned from the sun exposure. This face wash cantains saffron and kojic acid in mini capsule form. We all know the benefits of saffron and kojic acid. For those who have no idea how it is beneficial for lightening the skin tone here’s some introduction of the both.

Saffron – Most expensive spice and kills bacteria, making it ideal for acneic skin. Saffron is used in skin care because of its medicinal properties that contain elements of regeneration of cells.

Kojic acid – Kojic acid is an all-natural compound derived from fungi – sort of like mushrooms. kojic acid is completely natural and not man made or artificial. kojic acid works to stop the production of melanin in your skin. Today, kojic acid is being used in cosmetics and skin lightening products regularly because it actually works and doesn’t have the dangerous side effects of many chemicals and compounds used as main ingredients.

What’s my Skin type:-

My facial skin is combination type, gets oily around my nose during summers and normal in winters.

What the Product claims:-


EverYuth Fairness Face Wash with active Mini Capsules is an advanced breakthrough formulation that effectively cleanses and clears the skin.  It also has advanced hydrating and moisturizing properties that gives your skin natural nourishment.  Its unique Mini Capsules gets absorbed deeply into your facial skin and effectively cleanse out impurities & lighten your complexion.  (On the pack)

EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

 EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash


EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

 EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash


60 gm – INR60

100gm – INR90

Shelf Life:-

3 yrs from the Mfd.

Directions for use:-

Wet your face.  Squeeze out a small quantity of the product onto your palm.  Crush mili capsules and gently massage on the face.  Rinse with water and pat skin dry.

EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

 EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

Packaging :–  The face comes in squeeze out tube packaging with flip cap.

EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

 EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

Color and texture:- The color of the product is pale orange and transparent also  the texture of the face wash is gel like and have mini capsules white and red in color.

Fragrance :– Very light and soothing but seems artificial.

My opinion on the product:-

I took out a small amount of the face wash from the tube on my wet hand and saw the mini capsules which are red and white in color and are filled with the kojic acid. To get the maximum benefits of the face wash you need to crush the mini capsules from your fingers and then rub both your hands to lather and then apply on your face.

EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

 EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash


It didn’t lather much as the other face wash from the same brand. It did cleaned my skin well without leaving any Stretchy feeling but will not deep clean. I have combination type skin and worked very well but won’t be able to clean oily skin very effectively. The skin lightening claims are true but it takes its own time. Also, please note the it will not make you several shades lighter but will improve your skin tone.

EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

 EverYuth Naturals Fairness Face Wash

What I liked:-

  • Mild  and 100% soap free
  • Pocket friendly
  • No stretchy feeling.
  • The mini capsules which contains kojic acid improves skin tone.

What I didn’t liked:-

  • Doesn’t lather very much
  • Can’t deep clean or remove make up.

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

Yes, I liked the face wash and would recommend to try it out but skip this if you have very sensitive skin or have any allergies from kojic acid.



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