Faces Canada Flat Tweezer Review

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 Faces Canada Flat Tweezer

Hi Everyone,

Eyebrows are essential part of our face as they to show emotions and frame our eyes. Eyebrows shape can change the look of your face and you can make it look flattering by choosing perfect arch for your facial shape. But many of us don’t have perfect set of eyebrows. I have very uneven shaped eyebrows set medium thick from the starting and scarcely hairs from the middle to the tip ends. I don’t get time to visit parlor most often and they really look weird when not styled. So I got this tweezer from an online e store and now can get the perfect arch for my face even when I can’t visit to the parlor. 

Product Claim:-

Made from high quality stainless steel with precision ground tips to permanently aligned tips grasp even the smallest hair

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INR 65

My opinion on the product:-

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 This is really a must have for me or anyone who is lazy like me. Many times for some reason I couldn’t visit a parlor to get my brows pulled. Sometimes I even had to attain a get together with my weird looking eyebrows. This was like a savior for me from embarrassment. Many parlor girls makes my eyebrows very thin which looks like a thin line above my eyes in some pics. It really make me look like a character in some science fiction film, so I decided to get my eyebrows styled myself and this was great help.

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  This tweezer is made from stainless steel and have comfortable grip. The tips are flat and sharp which can catch the smallest hair that you can see. Now it has become an essential part of my beauty regime. I don’t have to go to parlor to get my brows plucked and can easily do that at the comfort of my home. It is easy to operate and store.

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 It also comes with a very small plastic loop to keep the tips locked while storing. You need to be a little careful while plucking your hair with these as you might catch skin between the tips which can pull and cut your skin.

 What I Liked:-

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sharp tips to catch tiniest hair
  • Make hair plucking easier at home
  • Easy to clean and store

What I didn’t Liked:-

Catches skin between the sharp tips if you are not careful with it.

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

It is a must have girls and I totally recommend them.




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