Fem Gold Crème Bleach Review

Fem Gold Crème Bleach Review

Hello Friends,

The wedding season is near and every one of us including bride and groom want to look best while attending any functions. During this season parlors are full and getting an appointment is a tedious task. I remember few days before my wedding I had bleach and facial done in one of the best ladies parlor near my place. Now a days there are so many products available that can be used regularly to bring that glow on your face on your big day. Therefore, today I will share my experience with one such product named Fem Gold Crème Bleach which is endorsed by actress Sonakshi Sinha. 

Product Claim:-

For gold like natural sheen on the skin, use Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach. With no added ammonia, it is a safe and effective formula that lightens & brightens the skin tone by removing any dead cells from the surface of the skin and stopping regeneration of any new pigmentation cells. Say hello to a healthy, radiant and gold like glowing skin with Fem Fairness naturals Gold Bleach.

Why Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Bleach?

  • No added ammonia
  • Lightens & brightens the skin tone
  • Gives instant gold like glow


INR 67 for 26.4gms 


Cream Bleach – Hydrogen Peroxide, Gold Dust, Propylene glycol, Stearic acid, Perfume.
Powder Activator – Ammonium Bicarbonate.

Directions for use:-

  • Wash your face before applying the bleach
  • Mix a teaspoon of the bleach cream with ¼ bleach powder
  • Mix the two for about one minute
  • Apply the mix carefully on your face and neck area
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes
  • Clean the bleach using cotton ball & rinse with cold water 

My opinion on the product:-

We know that bleach contains hydrogen peroxide and ammonium bicarbonate which causes a chemical reaction, this might leads to breakouts on the skin. But if you use this correctly and follow the instruction given on its package then it will lighten dark hair of your skin without causing much damage. I know it only bleaches the facial hair but somehow I find that if bleach is followed by a facial clean up in a gap of 1-2 days then it makes my face few shades lighter and adds a healthy glow. It is just my experience and if you have similar experience please share with us.

The cream comes in a round plastic container jar with powder activator in separate plastic container, a spatula and an instruction booklet. The cream itself has a little gold yellowish tint which somehow is not picked by camera and the powder activator also a little yellow gold in color and claims to have gold particles in it. The fragrance is nice and mild so my nose doesn’t get irritated when it is applied all over my face.

It removes tan and dead skin layer from my face very effectively resulting that natural glow. I have a few facial hair above my lips which are soft and not visible from a distance. I hate plucking as I have seen few girls having very hard hair around lips growing, if they miss their parlor appointment.

To apply, I follow the directions specified in the box which are:-

  • Washing face with a good facewash to clean up dust and oil followed by pat dry with a towel.
  • Mix the cream and powder activator in 1:4 ratio well so that no granules is left.
  • If using the bleach first time do a patch test in your inner arm or any part where you feel comfortable.
  • I did the patch test and found no red skin or any irritation on the applied area therefore I felt it was safe for me to use on face.
  • Fair skin girls need to keep it for around 15 minutes but darker skin then girls, should keep for only 10-12 minutes.
  • I applied this all over my face except the area around my eye.
  • I felt mild tingling sensation while waiting which is okay.
  • After the waiting period is over take a tissue paper or wet face towel and wipe off the cream followed by a good rinse.
  • Pat dry or gently towel dry my face and avoid direct sun light for 8 – 10 hours post bleach.

Please follow all the instruction given in the box in case of any discomfort or redness while applying or patch test discontinue. I would suggest the at first buy the smallest pack of this for patch test and application if you find it suitable then go ahead and buy the bigger one. Once you have mixed the cream and activator use it at once and throw the leftover do not store it for next time. 

What I Liked:-

  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives a healthy glow
  • Bleaches my facial hair.
  • Effectively removes tan and dead skin.

What I didn’t Liked:-

Dries out my skin.

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

Yes, is one of my favorite bleach and I keep a small pack with me all the time.



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