An immune India

An immune and healthy India

Dabur chyawanprash

 Dabur chyawanprash

What is immunity?

“In medical terms immunity refers to the state of having biological defenses to avoid infection, diseases and any other unwanted biological invasion. Immunity is the capability of a body to resist any harmful micro organism like virus from entering our body.”(Defined in Wikipedia)

Health and immunity

For better immunity we must take a well balanced diet and follow healthy habits. One of such healthy habit is eating Dabur chyawanprash which I follow since my childhood. My father used to bring chavanprash in winters but they can be eaten around the year for keeping oneself fit and increase immunity.

Every child in our country has right to get educated and get well balanced meal. Which is necessary to maintain and improve their health. A well balanced diet includes:

  1. Proteins- from pulses, milk, curd, and other dairy products.
  2. Calcium- from milk and dairy products.
  3. Vitamin – from fruits and vegetables.

The daily intake of the above diet ensures normal growth and development in children. Every infant should get 6 months of proper nursing and the first thick yellowish milk from their mothers. There are vaccinations available which boost immunity in children and are given at young age some types of vaccinations available are for :- polio, chicken pox, tetanus, Influenza Virus and many others.



Government plans

The government has launched mid-day meal and many other programs to ensure that the children of India gets sufficient nutrition. UNICEF and a well known celebrity Amir khan who is ambassador of UNICEF’s Nutrition and Child Rights supports an Ad campaign  “Kuposhan Bharat Choro” which spread awareness in citizen of India. But spending so much money on these programs many children still fight from lack of food, malnutrition and some kind of deficiency.

Balance diet

 Balance diet

According to World Bank estimation our country is one of the highest  ranking countries in the world where children are suffering from malnutrition. India is one of the fastest growing countries in world in terms of population and economics. Most of the population is still living below he poverty line and they lack basic necessities like food , clothing and shelter.

India for Immunity

Just like our body our nation also needs a defense to resist any harmful invasion like corruption, illiteracy, racism, poverty and many others. All these harmful elements have penetrated deep inside our nation. Healthy people of India can only make a healthy India. What we need today is awareness in every citizen of India today that the corruption has made  our nation exposed to more and more threats.

India against poverty

Our nation is poor and many people still live under poverty line which shows how much we have achieved after 66 years of independence. Every individual needs the basic things in life like food, clothing and shelter to live a decent life.

India against illiteracy

The government has initiated a program for literacy of every individuals in India and believes in the slogan “Padega India thbhi to badhega India”. Literacy ensures the complete development of one’s personality, intellectual, moral and physical. Education can make them a responsible citizen of India.

India against corruption

Corruption in India is growing day by day and due to this the gap between rich and poor is widening. Richer becoming more richer and poor becoming more poor. Some clerks and sahibs demand bribe to do the work they have been appointed by the government to do.  It is our moral duty to fight against corruption and not support them for getting out work done on time.

India needs a revolution once again to free herself from malnutrition, illiteracy, poverty, corruption after  66 years of independence. lets take an oath to fight these harmful elements of our society and get independent and immune India.

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