Just My Style Shamballa Bracelets kit Review

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Just My Style Shamballa Bracelets kit Review

Hi Everyone,

Summer vacation in Bangalore is just around the corner and if you have kids at home you know they get bored. I would enroll my daughter to some summer camps near my place but that’s not enough as 2 month log vacation and these summer camps are only for 15-20 days. So it’s better to get prepared and engage children in some fun filled activities which they love doing their own. 

Product Claim:-

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The Just My Style Shamballa Beads Bracelet Making Kit has everything you need to create over 15 pieces of unique colorful jewelry. Dazzle in any outfit by stacking the bracelets high. Show off your creativity with the shamballa and metallic beads. The Just My Style Shamballa Beads Bracelet Making Kit is recommended for children age 6 and up. Just My Style is a brand of fashion activities that inspire creativity through personalization for today’s tweens! The Just My Style brand encompasses all inclusive kits for jewelry making, scrapbooking, stamping and more! Just My Style is a leading creator of innovative crafts and toys that promote creativity and innovative thinking.


INR 899. 


The kit includes

  • 15 shamballa beads
  • 175 metallic beads
  • 2 skeins knotting cord (3 yds./ 2.7m each)
  • 3 skeins satin cord (2.5 yds./2.3m) each
  • 10 wax beading string skeins (2yds./1.8m) each,
  • 2 Chinese knotting cord skeins and
  • Easy to follow instructions.

Directions for use:-

Follow the instructions given in the booklet supplied. You can also go to YouTube and search for different Shamballa Bracelet designs. 

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My opinion on the product:-

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This kit comes in a cartoon box and you can actually see the beads trough the big hole in the box. The packaging is nice but bulky considering the small plastic box which holds the beads. Inside the cartoon box there is a flimsy plastic box to keep beads, an instruction manual and a small packet of threads.

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The kit is nice for young girls 6 years and up. The beads and the cords are of good quality and my daughter adores it. But if you’ll ask me spending so much on some 200 beads and a few satin knotting cords is not logical. You can get all this separately from any craft shop. There are so many step by step videos are available online which can teach you basic as well as advance knots for bracelet making.

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Shamballa Bracelets Kit 8.JPG.

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What I Liked:-

  • Easy to follow instruction book
  • Big Shamballa beads
  • Metallic colorful beads
  • Keeps children busy
  • My daughter learned different types of knots

What I didn’t Liked:-

Price little steep for 200 beads and few cords.

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

I would recommend taking a trip to a craft store and buy the beads, cords separately.



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