Patanjali Somya Haldi Chandan Soap Review

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Patanjali  Somya Haldi Chandan Soap

Hi Everyone,

I like pantanjali soap bars because they are not only cheap but also also herbal and effective. I have used a few and have shared my experiences here with you all. Today’s pick is also a bar soap from Patanjali called Somya Haldi Chandan.

Product Claim:-

Useful in rejuvenating, nourishing and glowing the skin. Useful in removing dryness and roughness of skin.


INR 13


75 gm


Old pack

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 New pack


Manjistha              Rubia Cordifolia               2.5mg

Haldi                      Curcuma Longa               2.5mg

Tulsi                      Ocimum Sanctum            2.5mg

Giloy                     Tinospora Cordifolia        2.5mg

Amla                      Emblica officinalis            2.5mg

Aamahaldi              Curcuma Amada              2.5mg

Ghrit Kumari         Aloe Vera                        2.5mg

Neem                    Azadirachta Indica            5.0mg

Sudh Suhaga          Borax(Purified)                25mg


Direction For Usage:-

Rub on wet body surface while taking bath and rinse off.

My opinion on the product:-

 The ingredients on new and old pack are both same and I didn’t find any difference when I used them. The soap is orangish in color and has nice smell of sandalwood.  It lingers for sometime after bath and fades away. I remember using moti sandalwood soap in my childhood so whenever I use any soap with similar smell it takes me back in past. Such memories are precious and always brings smile to my face.

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 I use it during summer to control my body odour. Everyone might face body odour problem in summers but, still I love summers. It made my skin dry a little when I used it in last winters. Therefore, I recommend to use it only in winters especially if you have dry skin on your hands and legs like me. It is really nice herbal soap with sweet sandalwood smell when used in summers. I haven’t noticed ant drastic change in my skin tone or texture. But a sandalwood soap with herbal ingredients available at this price is really unbelievable.

What I Liked:-

  • Sandalwood smell
  • Antibacterial because of turmeric(Haldi)
  • Price
  • Ingredient list full of herbs which do wonder for skin
  • Easily available

What I didn’t Liked:-

Made mine skin a little stretchy in winters.

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

Yes, I have been using soaps from this brands now a days and would recommend this one to every one especially in summers to control body odour. But if you have dry skin like me I would say skip this one in winters.



Final Words:-

If you are looking for a nice budget soap which is full of natural herbs and nice sandalwood then you should try this out. You won’t be disappointed as it is really cheap.


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