Sattvik Eye Care Under Eye Cream Review

Sattvik  Eye Care Under Eye Cream

Hi Everyone,

My skin care regime in night includes cleaning, toning and a good night cream with a under eye cream. Now a days I am using dove pink soap for cleaning my face in the shower and ponds white facewash in night. I have also turned my dove soap bar in liquid and using this as facewash instead of a bar. I will soon share the method and the pictures. My face tends to get too oily in summers and summer has arrived in Bangalore. I like summers and love the sunny weather only till it doesn’t become scorching hot. Anyways, I do put a little rich under eye cream in night as I am in 30’s. Few like to put under eye gel but, cream works fine for me. 


Product Claim:-

This aroma oils based formulation is enriched with potato extracts to gently remove under eye dark circles and sagging eye bags. It also maintains the firmness & elasticity of skin around your eyes and delays crow line wrinkles. Regular usage gives a natural radiance to under eye region. 



INR 199






Directions for use:-

After cleansing, gently massage the cream on skin under and around your eyes and temples. Leave in on overnight.


My opinion on the product:-

Stress, lack of sloop, dehydration, etc., are few common causes that can be the culprit behind your dark and fluffy eyes. To apply an under eye cream on daily basis in night skin care beauty regime is nice if you are over thirty. I got this cream while I was shopping online looking for a good under eye cream. I really liked the quantity and the Ayurveda tag for the price. I ordered and received this in few days.

The cream comes in a white opaque tub with a screw open lid. Its outer packaging is of green cardboard box with sattvik written on it. The cream is of white color and thick in texture. It is really one of those rich and heavy creams that are for dry skin in winters. It has very nice sweet vanilla kind of fragrance which very light. The cream is smooth and spreads easily around the delicate skin of your eyes. I just need a little for both my eyes and I am done. I already have a little oily eyelids but, never faced any problem or irritation using this cream.

After using it regularly for more than a year now I can say that this cream is very effective in nourishing the skin around your eyes and can fade those dark circles. However, I did not completely get rid of them but still I like that it has apricot and almond oil in it. It also contains mineral oil which I did not like. I prefer a cream for my face and eyes free from parabens and mineral oil. I will now start using almond oil or olive oil for my dark circle which I think will be more effective and the natural way to treat dark circles.


What I Liked:-

  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Smooth texture
  • Nourishes under eye skin
  • Fades dark circles to some extent
  • Herbal key ingredients
  • Easy to apply


What I didn’t Liked:-

Mineral oil as an ingredient


Will I repurchase and recommend:-

No, I might try using almond and olive oil for my dark circles.




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