Sunsilk Natural Recharge Conditioner Review

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Sunsilk Natural Recharge Conditioner

 Hi Everyone,

I have already posted review on Sunsilk natural recharge shampoo and today I am going to review its conditioner which was with the shampoo. This also claims to be parabens free, neutral pH and contains ginseng root and oil.

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 Product Claim:-

Nourishes hair from root to tip for hair thicker, fuller and 5X stronger.

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INR 64


80 ml


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Directions To Use:-

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  My opinion on the product:-

It comes in opaque plastic tube packaging with flip open cap which is sturdy and prevents any leakage. It is in pale green color and has mild pleasant smell which doesn’t irritates my nose. The conditioner has a creamy texture which glides on hair very well. It is parabens free and is infused with ginseng root and oil. I have been using this conditioner for about a month now with the shampoo and would like to share my experiences with the product.

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 Daily shampoo can make your hair dry resulting in split ends and hair fall. Therefore I recommend using conditioner every time you shampoo. I have used this after using the shampoo on my wet hair as directed. I took a small amount on my palm and applied on my hair from its mid length to its tips. Kept for about a minute and rinsed thoroughly. While applying this on my hair I have found that it has made my hair soft and detangled. The conditioner is also co created with Jamal Hammadi who is an expert in natural ingredients.

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 It is parabens free like its shampoo and this makes it safe and gentle for daily use. I haven’t faced any hair fall problem while using this conditioner. Conditioners should be used from your hair mid length to tips. Don’t apply this on your scalp as it will block your pores resulting hair fall.

What I Liked:-

  • Pale green color
  • Mild smell
  • Makes hair soft and detangled
  • Parabens free
  •  Infused with ginseng root & oil.

 What I didn’t Liked:-

Nothing I really liked this conditioner paired with its shampoo a lot and satisfied with the results.

 Will I repurchase and recommend:-

Yes, it is parabens free and when used after its shampoo gives amazing results.



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