Pantene Pro V Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review

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Pantene Pro V Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to review a shampoo from Pantene range that I have been using quite a long time and wanted to share the review with you all. This is my one of the favorite shampoo as it has really helped me in controlling my hair fall. 

Product Claim:-

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INR 110 for 180ml

INR 427 for 675ml 


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Directions for use:-

Massage onto wet scalp/hair gently. Rinse off thoroughly. 

My opinion on the product:-

I have got the big 675 ml bottle which is a little bulky and opaque white in color. The bottle comes with a yellow pump dispenser which I think makes it easy and convenient to take the product out from the bottle. I have got long hair 12 – 14 inches below my shoulder blade. My hair is actually very thin, dry and wavy so I am in constant search for a nice shampoo which can be used daily without harming my tresses.  Also the water near my locality is very hard and sometimes experimenting with some other brand hair products gives me unlimited hair fall.

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I oil my hair a night before shampoo so that my hair remains soft. The temperature here sometimes goes above 35oC you don’t like to oil much your hair so, now a day I am oiling my hair not a night before but 1-2 hr before wash. Yes, it really helps a lot and to my satisfaction at least there is some barrier between your precocious hair and the chemical, sulfate in the shampoo.

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The shampoo has very running consistency as you can see in the images I pumped out some on my hands and it was ready to drip down from my hands while I was trying to take a snap of it. The shampoo has little shimmer which my camera was unable to catch. The fragrance is strong, nice and smells like Pantene. It lingers for few hours after wash. The shampoo is little runny so I think it makes it easier to lather. I usually wet my both palms and hair, take some shampoo on my palms and rub then a little to get the lather and then apply on my scalp and further gently massage. I apply more on hair and massage to let a rich lather and rinse off fully.

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It cleans all oil sweat and dirt off my hair in a single wash and 2 pumps for my hair. This shampoo made my hair soft and manageable when I followed this with conditioner. It didn’t add much shine to my dry and dull hair much but I am happy that it made my hair soft and helped me in stopping my hair fall. It is free from dye and paraben and claims to fill the hollow and damaged parts of hair to make hair shaft strong and reduce hair fall due to breakage.

What I Liked:-                                              

  • Affordable
  • Nice lather
  • Smooth texture
  • Cleans hair perfectly
  • Suitable for daily usage
  • Nice and strong fragrance
  • No Parabens
  • No Dye

What I didn’t Liked:-


Will I repurchase and recommend:-

Yes, it is a savior and as I love to experiment I always keep a bottle handy.


4.5 /5

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