Facia Spa Facial Bar Review

Facia Spa Facial Bar

Facia Spa Facial Bar

Hi Everyone,

I have always used face wash or ubtan to clean my face, and never used soap on my face. We all are aware of the side effects of using soap on our face. Our facial skin is very sensitive and it needs extra care so it is necessary to use gentle face wash to clean our face.  Soaps contains harsh chemicals that can damage your facial skin and make it rough and dry. But I was getting bored of face washes so I decided to try a bar specially formulated for facial skin.  This bar that I had bought is called Facia Spa Facial Bar from Ratan Ayurvedic Sansthan which claims to be harbal. It has a hologram on its pack which ensures that the pack your are buying is genuine.

Facia Spa Facial Bar

 Facia Spa Facial Bar

What’s my Skin type:-

My facial skin is combination type, gets oily around my nose during summers and normal in winters.

What the Product claims:-

Facia Spa Facial Bar

 Facia Spa Facial Bar


Facia Spa Facial Bar

 Facia Spa Facial Bar

Kesr, Chandan, Lactate, Aloevera, Camphor, Olive, EDTA, Bar Base, Preservatives and Perfume.

Facia Spa Fcaial Bar.jpg

 Facia Spa Facial Bar


25gm – INR38

75 gm – INR85

Shelf Life:-

2 yrs from the Mfd.

Directions for use:-

Wet your hands and face then rub the bar between your both hands to get the foam. Apply this foam on your face and gently massage for few seconds then wash your face and pat dry.

Packaging :–

I have got the 75 gm pack which comes in cardboard packaging with a open plastic tray and the bar is wrapped in a plastic cover. The plastic container is hard and have holes at its bottom like a small soap dish but without cover.

Facia Spa Facial Bar

 Facia Spa Facial Bar

Color and texture:- The product is itself looks like a block of glycerin soap ( just like pears soap). The smaller version of this product have kesar strands stuck on the top of the bar but the bigger pack that I had purchased didn’t had any kesar strands.

Fragrance :– The fragrance is strong but I liked it and the smell lingers for some time after washing face.

Facia Spa Facial Bar

 Facia Spa Facial Bar

My opinion on the product:-

I have used this bar for about a month and found that it can’t be used in removing makeup alone. I have combination type skin and found that it makes my face oil and dirt free and keep it like this for hours in summers. But in cold weather when I am not sweating and my skin is not giving out its natural oil this soap makes my skin feel a little stretchy and dry. I can’t say anything about its effect on pimple, blemishes and wrinkles as I don’t have such problems. But it does makes and keeps skin oil free. The bar also helps in keeping the skin soft and smooth but was not able to see the fairness effect on my face.

Facia Spa Facial Bar

 Facia Spa Facial Bar

The product claimed that it gives facial like treatment which I found is not true. It is just an ordinary face wash in shape of a bar that can clean off dirt and oil from your face effectively.

What I liked:-

  • Pocket friendly
  • Removes dirt and excess oil
  • Convenient to use
  • Contains saffron, aloevera, chandan and camphor
  • Keeps skin oil free.
  • Skin feels soft and smooth after using
  • Nice but strong fragrance
  • Lathers well

What I didn’t liked:-

  • Might be a little drying for dry skin beauties
  • Spa facial treatment is false

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

I am not sure, may be in summers only, if you want to try something new you can check this out. It is like a face wash in a shape of a bar which is convenient to use.



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