Glenmark Elovera Cream With Vitamin E Review

Glenmark Elovera Cream

Glenmark Elovera Cream With Vitamin E

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to tell you about a miraculous product from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This I got for my daughter around 6 years back and have been using this since. My daughter had started to go to school and was exposed to sun too much which caused her some skin irritations. I got this cream after it was prescribed by my dermatologist for my daughter.

What’s my Skin type:-

My facial skin is combination type, gets oily around my nose during summers and normal in winters.

What the Product claims:-

Best suited for Dry skin/Dermatitis/Hyperpigmentation resulting from chronic exposure to allergens, irritants, environment changes, smoking or from skin problems in conditions like; Psoriasis, Atopic dermatitis, Eczema, Xeroderma & Ichthyosis. Lightens striae(Stretch Marks), Post-Acne scars, Post-Pimple scars, Freckles & other skin stains.


Glenmark Elovera Cream


INR 125 for 60gm

Shelf Life:-

2 years  from the date of manufacturing.

Directions for use:-

Apply to the effected area as required. Use regularly. Specially recommended to use after washing, bathing.

Glenmark Elovera Cream

 My opinion on the product:-

Glenmark Elovera Cream

 The product used to come in small white plastic jar type tub at that time. Now the packaging is changed and it comes in wide tub made of plastic. The cream is really thick and spreads easily. I have combination type skin and this cream has not broken me out yet.

Glenmark Elovera Cream

I applied this cream every night both on me and my daughters skin for 2-3 months and results started to show up. My skin used to look dull and dry which was now glowing with health. This cream definitely made my skin look firmer and even toned.

Glenmark Elovera Cream Swatch

Glenmark Elovera Cream Swatch

 I always keep a tub of this cream in winters and use it as night cream or mix this with my other night cream. In summers I don’t use it very much and avoid using it under my makeup. I have combination type skin and these all precaution I need to take. Other wise it might break me out as the cream is rich and heavy. Also, it takes some time to get totally absorbed in the skin because it is thick. It keeps my skin moisturized through out the day and ddoesn’tfeel heavy or sticky on my skin.

Glenmark Elovera Cream Swatch

 Packaging – Wide tub type packaging which is a little bulky and habe screw open cap.

Texture – Smooth texture that spreads easily but the cream is rich so it takes some time to get absorbed into the skin.

Glenmark Elovera Cream

 Fragrance – No fragrance at all.

 Staying Power – Keeps my skin hydrated for whole day and I don’t need to reapply.

What I liked:-

  • Every time only a little amount is needed
  • Keeps my skin moisturized for long
  • Thick consistency but spreads easily
  • Cured my skin dullness and made it even toned
  • No break outs
  • Works as good night cream
Glenmark Elovera Cream

 What I didn’t liked:-

Oily skin people might find this too heavy for their skin.

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

Yes, I repurchase it every year and is satisfied with its performance.



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Glenmark Elovera Cream With Vitamin E Review, 4.3 out of 5 based on 54 ratings

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  1. Hello , can I apply this cream in the morning insread of at night ? If no what is the reason ? Thanks , Mrs R Pakiam.

    1. Yes, It is a moisturizing cream with vitamin E everyone can use even children above 3+ years. But use a sunscreen with it when going out in sun.

  2. This product makes my skin too oily… what is the duration of this cream to see our result ???
    Does this makes the skin fairer??

    1. No it will not make your skin fairer as it not a fairness cream. It improves skin condition and cures dryness & patchy skin.

    2. No it does not make our skin fairer but it reduces dark circles and dark Spots. just imagine a face without any Dullness and spots

  3. My skin is combination oily n dry
    and also present acne on my skin
    can i use this cream on treating acne or dullness of skin????

    1. I use this cream mostly in winters as this cream is rich and thick which might break me out. I use more light moisturizers in summers. If you have oily or combi type skin I suggest use it only in winters.

    1. This cream is not for oily skin people especially in summers as you may end up getting breakouts. You can try this during winters.

      1. Use it as skin cream or as night cream. If you have oily skin then I would not recommend this to you. I normally use it during winters when I get dry and stretchy skin.

  4. I have started using it recently only..This was suggested to remove blackening of my feet and ankles in both legs owing to over dosage some medicine ( it was taken for 5 yrs instead of period suggested by the surgeon . I got a75g packing .
    Is it available bigger packing.?

  5. Hiya ! This little jar really works & it’s way better than all those cosmetic companies with their fancy tubes of lotions. Recently,I’d tried out a new soap (Goat’s Milk Soap) which promised to be organic. Needless to say it did not work, my face suffered a patchy redness breakout with tiny little boils all over it. It was so noticeable , people started commenting about it . Finally , this Elovera cream came to the rescue ,though it did take around a month to work !

  6. I have dry and too sensitive skin. Can I use this cream as a moisturising cream daily in the morning after bath and also in all my face or should I use this only in night and also only in affected area .

    1. I am using this cream from last 4 years. It did magic with my skin. I was suffering from a facial infection after using 1 steroid product. I had lost two layers from my skin, severe itching and scars were there.then my dermatologist prescribed me this cream. And I can’t say how much does it works with my skin. I have a glowing skin now, no spot, no rashes. But u can use dis cream at night, and better for winter. But any ki d of skin problem u can easily use it to get a quick remedy, its total harmless, and effective product

      1. Hi I am also affected by a steroid product as u have mentioned all t symptoms suits me I just want to know he fast it works on even my dermatologist have adviced me for t same

  7. I have dry and too sensitive skin. can I use this cream in the morning in summers after having bath as a moisturiser and can I use this in all over my face or should I use this only in affected area?

  8. I have a burn mark in my hand . I had burnt from refined oil before 3 years but burn still in my hand. is elovera cream effective on this type of mark

  9. I have used Penderm plus cosmetic cream I have burn my face and being black so please tell me can I use elovera cream is it effective for me of not can I use it

  10. can i use alovera and vitamin E cream in morning……… summer days if not then why should i plz……

    1. Its depends on your skin type if you have oily skin then this cream will make it more oily resulting in pimples and acne but if you have dry skin then you can use it but just a little as this is very rich and moisturizing.

  11. I was also searching this cream as u shown the tub package but the medishop man told me the tub package changed and it comes in a tube but both are same product….is it true? Or the 60gram Tibet package is still available..kindly reply

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