My Summer Essentials For 2014

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Summer Essentials

 Hi Everyone,

Today I am posting my summer essentials for summer 2014. I was on vacation last month at my native where the mercury rises above 43. I love summers but the temperature here could make you mad and can cause heat stroke. Keep yourself hydrated during this kind of weather and don’t go out in sun with empty stomach or without drinking sufficient water. Many dies from heat stroke so do take a good care of yourself in May and June when the heat is at its peak. Aam Panna is an appetizing drink made from raw mangoes and it also works as medicine or prevention for heat stroke. Now, take a good look at my summer essentials which helped me surviving the unbearable heat.

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Some face packs and masks to remove tan from my face and keep the pimples away.

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Himalaya Fruit and neem face pack review here and here Also Lacto Tan Clear Cream review here.

 Some makeup

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I used light makeup and soft colors. I advice to use powder eye shadow and blush during summers and cream eye shadows and blush might start melting.

 Foundations and BB creams

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They have sun protection factor and brightens up your skin without felling heavy.

 Facial cream for day and night

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Vicco Turmeric cream Did quite a good job in controlling sweat and oil on my face and during nights i needed a good cream like Elovera from Glenmark to keep my skin hydrated.

 Face washes and scrubs

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I washed 3-4 times every day  which removed excess oil form my face. I am a housewife and I usually cook 3-4 times in a single day. With temperature above 43 my skin suffered very badly and I started getting boils.

 Almond Oil and Nivea Body Lotion

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Nivea whitening lotion is very moisturizing and have lightening effect which makes it ideal for this season.

 Sun Protection

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They are the most important beauty care product in my vanity  during summers. I don’t step out in sun without putting SPF higher than 30. My favorite is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block with SPF 50+. This time I had purchased Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-In-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF-40. I tested it in the extreme heat weather conditions and will review it soon.

 Lip Balms for day with SPF 15 and night

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 Nivea deodorants to keep me feel and smell fresh throughout the day.

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They are the best in controlling body ordure and has very mild flowery fragrance which keep your body ordure under check for more than 7-8 hours.

 Rose water and facial mists.

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 They are like saviors from the scorching heat. whenever I feel my face red and burning due to the heat i spry them on my face and all the irritated tissues of my skin relaxed at least for some time.

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