Paper Boat Jamun Kala Khatta Review

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Paper Boat Jamun Kala Khatta

 Hi Everyone,

The next drink I had tried from paper boat was Kala Khatta which is a jamun (also known as java plum) juice. Jamun tastes sour and so does its juice. It is a summer fruit in India and usually eaten with salt. It is a berry type fruit and look purple in color due to presence of a plant pigment called anthocyanin. When eaten it makes tongue and teethes also purple in color.

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  Product Description:-

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 Kala Khatta: Where’s the noun? Who’s the adjective? The taste of a colour, the colour of a taste? Wait, it could be neither… if only I could go back and ask wren, martin and ma’am adwards.

 Product Claim:-

No colors, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, basically none of that junk. 


INR 30 for 250ml


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Nutritional Benefits:-

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  My opinion on the product:-

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 The same paper boat pouch packaging which is light and you can directly drink from the pouch. I miss the jamuns and many other things that we used to have in summers at my native. We used to have it with salt and when we were kids we liked to show our purpled colored tongue after eating jamuns to each other. Jamuns have many benefits it contains many minerals and acids. It have medicinal properties too like:-

  • It is good for diabetes
  • Improves Immunity
  • Improves bone health
  • Increases hemoglobin count.

Now coming back to this drink, The color of the juice is pink but doesn’t stains your tongue. The taste is mostly like jamun but with some salt and sugar. Jamun is itself sour but you can taste lemon too in it and sugar to balance the sourness. It has cumin and black pepper powder too to make it a little spicy.

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 I liked the drink but not too much also my daughter liked the color a lot but didn’t like its taste which is not like kala khatta. Surely not a hit with kids but if you want to enjoy the benefits of jamun without getting your tongue purple you should try this out.

About Pouches:-

Paper Boat pouches are made of a four-part laminate. The two outer layers are a blend of proprietary polypropylene and polyethylene. This makes the pack withstand extremes in pressure and heat while at the same time being easy to print upon. This is the one time you can actually judge something by its cover.

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 The penultimate layer is made of bonded aluminum. This is to keep any form of moisture and vapor entering the pack and tampering the goodness of the drink inside. Of course this layer makes no contact with the drink. That’s the job of the inner (and final) layer. This layer is made of virgin, food-grade polypropylene which keeps the content fresh, safe and tasty(form its Website here).

What I Liked:-

  • Pink color
  • Tastes like jamun
  • Good for digestion

What I didn’t Liked:-


Will I repurchase and recommend:-

Yes, It is nice beverage for summers.


3.75 /5

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