Yardley London English Rose Luxury Soap Review

Yardley London English Rose Luxury Soap Review

Hi Everyone,

Festive season is in full swing now and wedding season will also start in India. Many of you will be searching for moisturizing body lotions and soaps for winters. Therefore, today I am going to review a soap from Yardley London. I have already reviewed a body lotion of same variant here do check it out. .  

Product Claim:-

Centuries ago, kings and queens were known to add rose petals to their bath water to keep themselves freshly scented all day. Today, you can have the same experience with Yardley’s English Rose Soap. Indulge in the luxury of the smooth, rich lather of beautifully fragrant roses with a heart of white florals. Moisturized skin that smells like a rose—bath time has never been so lavish. 


INR 44




Variants available:

  • Red Roses
  • English Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Sandalwood
  • English Lavender

My opinion on the product:-

It comes in a cardboard packaging and inside it is wrapped up in a paper pack with the same graphics as on the outer cardboard box. The soap itself is in light pink in color the camera could not pick the color because of the lightening I guess. It is 75 gm soap so it is quite small and fits in your hand.

I liked the soap fragrance which is same as its body lotion reviewed here. But for some the body lotion fragrance might be like an overdose of rose smell this one is mildly fragranced. The soap smells good like real roses but the smell doesn’t lingers for too long. It just keep by bathroom smelling like roses after each use.

I am fine with that as the bath soap smell doesn’t mean to last all day long. The soap get lathers up very easily and gets rinsed well without leaving any residue. Most soaps leaves a white cast but this doesn’t.

It does makes my skin a little dry in winters but nothing major that my body lotion can’t take care of. In summers, I don’t feel the need to apply any lotion after using this soap. I love the luxurious smell of English rose and how it lathers up. It is a decent bar of soap a little overpriced but worth the fragrance which sadly doesn’t lasts long.

What I Liked:-

  • Luxurious English rose fragrance
  • Mildly fragranced
  • Doesn’t leaves any residue
  • Lathers up very well
  • Easily available
  • Doesn’t feel the need to apply body lotion in summers.

What I didn’t Liked:-

  • Can be a little drying for dry skin gals in winters.
  • Price a little heavier side compare to the given quantity.

Will I repurchase and recommend:-

I don’t know but would like to try out its other variants. But would definitely recommend if you are looking for a luxurious soap which leaves you smelling like English rose.



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Yardley London English Rose Luxury Soap Review, 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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  1. I would like to try the rose lotion. I have tried the lavendar and jasmine pearl bath bars. I was not impressed with the jasmine pearl bar soap but, the lavendar lingers and is lavendary. If you like lavendar you can get two bars for 99 cents with a coupon. It is good for both men and women and has a cooling effect.

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